MMSB provides all the necessary personnel and tools required to perform the services including achieving the highest safety standards for the following activities:

  • The mooring and unmooring of vessels including the securing and release of all mooring lines.
  • Lashing and unlashing of break bulk cargoes.
  • Lashing and unlashing of containers in accordance with the lashing profile of each vessel, including the removal, attachment, locking and unlocking of all twist locks and / or cones to all containers.
  • Plugging-in and unplugging of reefers on board of vessels.
  • Supply of general workers for labour work.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

MMSB operates in a manner which supports our client’s HSE Policies Standards and Corporate Objectives. In relation to this, we provide the following Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) for all of our workers:

  • Reflective vest and / or reflective safety uniform.
  • Safety shoes or boots.
  • Safety helmet.
  • Working gloves.
  • Safety harness (applicable for working at heights).

MMSB also takes serious efforts and actions to avoid any potential environmental impact whilst performing our activities at our client’s work area.

Indemnities and Insurance

In the event of any act of negligence of MMSB’s employees, we will indemnify our client’s against all claims, action, suits, demands, damages, costs charges and liabilities for death of or injury suffered by any person and loss or damage to any property in connection with the services including the third parties.

MMSB provides the following Insurance Policy Coverage:

  • Public Liability (insurance coverage against damage of third party belongings).
  • Workmen Compensation and Malaysian Social Scheme (SOCSO) for all employees.

Information Technology

MMSB provides an information technology to assist in the following:

  • Full analysis of all operations carried out.
  • Full data concerning productivity levels actually achieved against the target productivity levels.
  • Trend analysis.
  • Invoices issued and payments received.
  • Records of all personnel engaged in the services.

Any events occurring in the current reporting period concerning issues of safety and progress achieved for any safety measures

Procedures and Documentation

The deployment of manpower and equipment will be in accordance with our client’s procedure and documentation (booking requirement) in force from time to time.

MMSB maintains a comprehensive record and reporting system as required by our client`s. The records and reports are compiled on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and contain information to the following:

  • Information and data relating to deployment of manpower as per our client’ s booking requirements.
  • Proposals to improve the performance of the services.
  • Areas of concem which MMSB considers shall be brought to the affention of our clients, together with a comprehensive explanation of the cause and implications.